With great pleasure & We are proud to present you our new brand of children's & "woofie"

woofie we loved you from the first moment we "captured" you. You are everything to us more beautiful, happy & optimistic we have created. You represent the innocence and sweetness of our youth.

You were born of our three great loves, children, jewelry and animals. How can you not steal everyone's hearts my child?

The unique jewelry in the world woofie are made of 925 silver platinum-plated or gold-plated with yellow or rose gold. 

They bear a seal of authenticity and they are internationally patented. 

We designed this collection with so much tenderness, and put our best materials together with our love.

 We make appointments twice a year & we present you our exclusive designs.

Our favorites woofie we took care stay inside happy luxurious satin pouches & to they are exhibited only in their little house, on their special display stand.